Loughgiel Community Association was formed in 1988, initially operating from a community owned building and other venues. Its main purpose was to assist in the social, environmental, educational and economic development of Loughgiel. It achieved this through organising activities for older people, an after schools club, a youth club and computer suite, however these activities were spread out through the area. The lack of a central venue was identified as an urgent need in the area, through a Community Audit in 1996. This Audit lead to the development of the Millennium Centre in 2000. This project was managed very successfully from start to finish by Loughgiel Community Association and was completed using the principles of PRINCE2 methodology, which required excellent project management and financial management skills. The centre cost one million pounds, of which the Association fundraised £50,000 through a ‘Buy a Brick' campaign. Not only did this fundraising event successfully succeed in raising the required monies, it also ensured local ownership of the centre, as the local community bought into the building. Over 40 volunteers were recruited and managed to undertake the fundraising campaign. The build was completed on time and within the allocated budget, building the capacity of the group further.

The development of the Millennium Centre has lead to the LCA employing 29 staff and running a significantly increased number of activities. The centre has an average of 2,500 people through the door each week (however the actual figure is higher as the number of people involved in group booking is not currently recorded). The LCA has an excellent management structure in place and has high staff retention. This employment brings over £200,000 pounds into the local economy.

The LCA have also built their capacity significantly over the past years by undertaking a series of training programmes and through ongoing practical implementation of projects. It is important that these abilities are retained within the Management Board and core staff and this has been achieved by applying excellent management principles. The LCA is now held up as a model of best practice for other community groups. LCA is made up of representatives of the local community and represents a range of interest and experience.

Loughgiel Community Association's core focus is about improving the lives of the local community by improving services provision, addressing health issues and unemployment issues. This ethos is applied to all activities/services undertaken by the association.


Vision, Mission and Values

The following statement represent the vision of Loughgiel Community Association
To meet the need of the community it represents in flexible and proactive manner.
Continuously innovating and developing new projects in line with identified community needs.

  • To support the most vulnerable / most in need in the area.
  • To provide and facilitate the provision of high quality services and projects.
  • To have a high level of customer satisfaction levels and staff satisfaction levels.
  • To continue to offer employment in the area both directly and indirectly.
  • Creating a sustainable Centre and Association.
  • To increase the Attractiveness of the area to funders, investors and tourists.


Mission Statement


“Improving the Quality of Life in Loughgiel”


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Community Lead Projects - GET YOUR SAY


Loughgiel Community Association has the opportunity to apply for Big Lottery funding to deliver a new range of activities for the people of Loughgiel and surrounding areas.  The guidelines of the application states that the project must be community lead, meaning WE NEED YOU to suggest and tell us what types of activities you would like to see available in the Millennium Centre, Loughgiel.

This can be anything that is of interest to you that does not already happen.  We have had some great suggestions already form the community, some of which include, Gym equipment or Exercise classes, Mindfulness Sessions, Film Club/Movie Nights, Historical/ Heritage Group sessions, A Class for passing old skills to younger generations, Language Classes. 

These are all GREAT suggestions and will be included as part of our application schedule.  We would also like to know if there are already any groups of people out there that already meet that would like to take part in a different activity within your group.  We have been approached by a group of ladies who meet socially but would love to take part in a fitness/dance class.  This type of information will help us plan the amount of classes we need in relation to the amount of people wanting to take part.


Please drop us a line on Facebook, Email, Telephone or call in for a chat.  We look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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Loughgiel Community Association
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Telephone : 028 276 41389

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Email : Loughgiel@btconnect.com